International Startup Communities in Korea

Southside Startups x Seoul Startups Busan Meetup

When Seoul Startups was started in the spring of 2017, the Korean startup ecosystem was a community desert. Not only were there no English-speaking meetups, events, workshops, but even the Korean-language ones were run… in a very suffocating government-y style (read: signing attendance sheets, no networking, desks not sitting circles etc.). It was pretty bleak. And very hard for young nd foreign entrepreneurs to connect, get resources, knowledge and support, so vital in the early stages of entering a dynamic market like Korea’s. Hence, instead of thumbling my thumbs, the idea for an innocent Slack channel was born.

Fast forward 6 years and not only has Seoul Startups exceeded it’s 4,000 member mark but other communities have sprouted and are thriving as interest in the Korean innovation scene grows. 

Because sharing is caring and I want to support this wonderful trend, I thought I’d spotlight a few groups and communities worth tapping into when looking into networking opportunities here.

Seoul Startups (Slack)

The biggest international startup community in Korea and growing. Not only a space to ask, promote, share but also to find jobs, events, network and more. Organizer of Founders Live events and numerous other programs.

Founders Live March 2023

Seoul Startups Club (KakaoTalk, password: 1321)

A casual chat room for entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts in Seoul. Occasional meetups and networking events. Make sure to introduce yourself when you join!

Foreign Entrepreneurs in Korea (KakaoTalk, invitation only)

An exclusive, vibrant chat room for startup ecosystem players. Organizer of Startup Grind Seoul events. 

Foreign Entrepreneurs in Korea

EO (YouTube)

A global spin off of the famous Korean-language EO. Content about not only Korean but also the global startup and innovation scene. 

Girls in Tech Korea

A community of entrepreneurial women on the tech scene in Korea. ORganizing numerous workshops, seminars events with renowned speakers and experts.

Women Entrepreneurs in Korea (KakaoTalk)

A group chat for women doing business in Korea.

Southside Startups (Slack, KakaoTalk)

Looking beyond Seoul and into the Southern regions of Korea (Busan, Ulsan, Changwon, Gyeongju). Regular events and Startup Weekends

Southside Startups event

Did I miss something? Let me know!

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