What I can do for you?

I have a few tricks up my sleeve and the saavniess of a millenial tech-ninja. There is a chance these can come in handy for your business, organization, community.

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Localized stratigic business development and marketing strategy consultancy for startups & SME in Korea and Europe
(experiance in IoT, telco, HW, G2O/social ventures and much much more)

Market analysis (Korea, Europe) and new business opportunity recommnedation studies (communication strategies, customer targets etc.)

• Consulting in Korean government support programs‘ applications

Facilitating business meetings and events, both linguistically (Korean-English-Polish) and in cross-cultural communication

• Designing and preparing impactful investor pitches for startups (Poland, Korea, USA, Europe)

• Lean startup, agile and project management workshops for startups and SMEs
(inspired by Startup Weekend, Django Girls and other empowering and impactful events)

Connecting Korean startup scene with great events across the world (RISE, ECHALON, WebSummit)

Admin for Seoul Startups, an English-language community space about Korean startup scene for EVERYONE.

• Freelance journalist (previous: 10magazine, Seoul magazine)