About me


Seoulite with a wicked taste in whiskey. I am also very angry. And Polish . A very dangerous combo.

I have been living in Korea for 14+ years. I am cultural mambo-jambo.

I used to be a dedicated corporate rat. But things happened, and I realized that I don’t really want to waste my time and effort on unmeaningful things like satisfying my superiors. The above picture was taken on my last day of work. As you can see, by then I was anything but a faithful employee of the month. Somewhere along the way I discovered cocktail bars and ended up working as a barback/bartender. That’s when I found respect for the hard, complicated, but oh-so-gratifying job that so many men (and a few women) do every night: making a drinking experience one that let’s people forget for a little bit about thier mundane lives.

Long story short, I am not a bartender now. But the scene and the friend I made there are still close to my heart. And so I want to share all I can with anyone who cares to stop by.

I write about my favourite city’s night life, bar culture and people that I meet on the way.

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